We are a specialty coffee shop that wants to enhance the customer experience from the old traditional specialty coffee shops, we don’t think that you should have to wait for quality. Fast service, high quality is our mission and goal. Love has no limits so why should we!

Let’s be friends!


Love is the foundation of our business.

The Love for family and the love for coffee. Unique coffee cafe is the new evolution in the specialty Coffee business, with new technology and advanced equipment. We want you to have very high quality products and service and we want you to have it fast.


The days of waiting 10 to 15 minutes for a latte are in the past. Unique coffee cafe coffee is all USDA approved organic direct trade coffee that comes with a transparency report that shows exactly what the farmers were paid for producing the coffee. We only sell the highest quality coffee far more superior than others.


We have a drive thru inside and outside seating with outstanding service in a loving atmosphere. Our purpose is to serve the community and supply a dwelling place of Love and quality. A portion of every sale is donated to children and adults with disabilities. Our coffee has a purpose! Our only goal is to spread love throughout the community and provide a happy place for our customers.